Awakening the natural power of Shakti Prana

Shakti is the most powerful force of the mother within us and the universe. Prana is vital energy that permeates the cosmos and all forms of life. Shakti-prana is the subtle female prana basic, it is the life force of the organism, it confers the power to create life, move energy and heal ourselves.

The natural power of Shakti-Prana influences the rhythms of the body and promotes the union of body, mind and spirit. To awaken this power is to make the senses more refined, especially our intuition, enhancing our ability to see things as they really are, as well as to promote physical and spiritual health. With our stressed and accelerated rhythm of life, our body is in constant imbalance and this misalignment impairs the flow of Shakti-Prana, which in turn produces hormonal imbalances and diseases. By working with this power, you will be affecting and influencing personal well-being and everyone around you.

We will be at this retreat not only giving us the opportunity of real rest, but also enjoying one of the greatest marvels of Brazil and taking care of the mind and body, seeking to awaken our consciousness to Shakti-Prana through Yoga practices, lots of breathing, meditation, sound healing, mantras and much more.

COST: R$ 3.000,00

What’s included

  • Accommodation
  • Yoga practice
  • Transfers
  • Three guided tours
  • Breakfast and dinner

What’s not included

  • Return flight to São Luís
  • Lunch
  • Taxi from airport SLZ to the Oldtown SLZ (Casa Frankie; ~R$ 55 per cab)
  • Drinks (except water)
  • Tips

 SPA treatments

  • Reiki e alinhamento dos chakras
  • Reiki and Chakra Alignment
  • Magnified healing
  • Ayurvedic or Indian Massages
    • Abhyanga massage
    • Kirin massage
    • Shirodhara massage
    • Indian Samkhya Sparsha massage
  • Vedic Astrology/Jyotisha


Peaceful boutique bed&breakfast in the tranquil village of Atins on the edge of the mesmerising Lençóis Maranhenses – only 100m from the beach. An open air wooden deck nestled into a grove of Cashew trees awaits Yogis and Yoginis to go after their practice.  Our equipment (mats, blocks and belts for up to 16 students) is at your disposal. 

More infos

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