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Origin The Name Arcadia Exists? How We Think How We Act
The old plot of Convento Arcádia
How did Convento Arcádia come to pass?

A German native, Olaf had already studied, worked and lived in a couple of countries when he first came to travel to Brazil. On his second trip to the country, at the turn of the year 2006/2007, he took his first kite lesson in Jericoacoara and continued backpacking downwind with a number of friends, until they arrived in Atins. It took them two days and about R$35 each for the 600km. At the time, Atins had four pousadas to choose from; yet, traveling on a shoestring the crew decided to camp on the beach. A rapid love affair with the village evolved, a plot of land was bought in 2008 and in 2015 Olaf took the big step, to leave his then native London (UK) and a well-paid job behind to move to Brazil, learn Portuguese and to figure out what to do with this stake in paradise. Soon after, in 2016/2017, Convento Arcádia was born as a holiday house and from there, step by step, grew into what it is today.

The old plot of Convento Arcádia
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Atins is a treasure trove for travellers, offering a heady mix of adventure and relaxation.
yoga instructor
Certified Yoga Instructor and Head-Chef
Born and raised in Teheran, Iran, Shaga found her way to Yoga after various health issues and at first followed the Sivananda practice. After five years, Shaga got to learn about Iyengar Yoga, when she decided to travel to India and take courses with the Master B. K. S. Iyenger himself as well as his daughter Geeta at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) in Pune. In 2012 Shaga graduated as a certified Yoga teacher (YCT 400) from the Himalayan Iyenger Yoga Center in Dharamshala. She continued to stay on to assist Master Sharat Arora and work in the Ashram for three more years before endeavouring to travel to Latin America. Nowadays, Shaga lives with her husband Sina, and their son Namdar at the Convento. She also works as Head-Chef in our restaurant Porto Oriente, where she creates wonderful organic and healthy Persian and Indian-inspired culinary delights.
Happy Female Chef
Operations Manager
Adriana, or also known as “Drica”, is a native of Atins. She joined Convento in 2017 and takes care of most of the Operative making sure guests feel right at home. Adriana is married and a proud mom to Pamela and a second daughter on her way. She always has a smile on her face and recently started to learn English. You can probe her on insider tips for Atins, native style!
Foreign man in a white shirt at convento arcadia
Olaf first discovered Atins in 2006/2007 and fulfilled himself a life-long dream in building this little holiday refuge to welcome friends from all over the world. When he is not in Atins he can be found in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and London. Besides Running and Yoga he enjoys Paragliding, and dabbles a little in Kiting. Olaf speaks German, English and Portuguese.
horse riding with a spectacular sunset
wind farms and a beautiful sunset
Things to do in Atins
There are many things you can do in Atins and we’re always around to help you. Additionally, if you need a well-planned itinerary to ensure everything flows smoothly, Aloha Atins will guide you.

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