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Beach or Lagoon? Surf Both.


Nestled in the Delta of the River Preguiças, the sandbanks and shallow lagoons combine with constant strong winds to form a paradise for kiters. Kitesurfing in Atins promises enthusiasts of all skill levels a winded experience! Basking in its glory as one of the top four flatwater kiteboarding spots in the world, there is more to this little village than meets the eye. The village of Atins also sits at the entrance of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, a magical landscape of dunes and lagoons that can also be experienced by kite.

Kiteboarding in Atins

In Atins, Brazil you can experience constant cross onshore winds of 15 to 30 knots from mid-July to mid-January. However, the best time to kitesurf is from October to November, when the winds are raucously strong. Our favourite (and the best) flat water spot to surf is the river mouth. The wind and water here, are in a wedded bliss, creating ideal conditions for kiters.

Flat, waves, and the incredible lagoons of the Lençóis!
surfing in the blue ocean Atins
kite surfing in the blue waters at Atins
Kite Trip - Downwind & Lagoons
Four hours
From R$ 1,400 per person (4 Kiters)

From our meeting point at the beach we set off for a Downwinder of 14 km along the coastline. The first 12 km are made without visual of the accompanying rescue car, after which the car will catch up with you by the beach. The ride can be choppy, tack further out to avoid the wash.
A qualified kite coach will accompany you and provide tips, tricks and rescue if needed. When you’re done here, we’ll take you to the Kite lagoon – for this unmissable session in the middle of the desert! Pack some snacks and plenty of water, so you stay nourished and hydrated during the day.

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