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Dry Toilet
Where your turds turns into fertilizer
To showcase an alternative sanitation solution in the quest to preserve the water quality in Atins we installed dry toilets at the Porto Oriente.

Dry toilets meet the same requirements as conventional flush toilets yet without using water, therefore allowing for the separate “recycling” of solid and liquid excrements as fertilisers and thus avoiding pollution of our groundwater.

For the Dry Toilet to work we’d need you to study the simple instructions provided and then to give it a try!

To find out more about dry toilet, take a look at:

Dry Toilet
Into the barrel.
Wee is separated.
Dry Toilet
Sprinkle two or more mugs of leaves or sawdust provided in the bucket to your side. Make sure to cover all your bowel movements. Sprinkle some water in the #2 section to keep it clean!
Dry Toilet
Once you’re done close the seat cover!
Dry Toilet
Dry Toilet
  • Always leave the seat covere.
  • Don't throw diapers or tampons, they go in the bin.
  • Only biodegradable objects belong into the barrel
  • For your comfort use the 'pee discharge' disinfectant to sanitize the toilet seat before use, this solution is bactericidal!
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