The versatile dream Kite spot

Flat, waves, and the incredible lagoons of the Lençóis!

Atins Kitesurfing - Flatwater paradise

Named as one of the Top 4 flatwater kitesurfing spots in the world Atins guarantees constant cross on-shore winds of 15 to 30 knots from mid July to mid January. The strongest winds can be encountered in October and November.

The best flat water spot is the lagoon in the river mouth a short distance from the pousada. The clean wind paired with the flat and shallow water offers ideal conditions for all level of kiters.

Waves & Downwinders

Once you ride out in to the ocean, waves and endless downwind opportunities are waiting along the desert coastline.Talk to us to organize an epic Downwinder during your stay.


Lençóis Maranhenses Kitesurfing

Then there’s the natural miracle of the Lençóis Maranhenses within the national park, where you can kite the blue, green and black lagoons in the middle of a pale sand desert.

Kite Waves Atins

The Atins Pousada for Kiters

We are less than 100m from the beach and offer dedicated appliances for kite maintenance and storage. There are a couple of Kite schools and centers in the village and we happily assist with indications and recommendations should you require so. Downwinders and Lençóis Maranhenses Kitesurf trips specifically tailored for Kiters can also be arranged.

100m from the beach